1. Introduction

Welcome to MedicalTourism-Cyprus.com a website which gives the opportunity to promote medical services to an international audience.

  1. Services
    Medical Services Direct
    MedicalTourism-Cyprus.com offers a service to health-care providers to showcase their services to an international audience. MedicalTourism-Cyprus.com does not offer any recommendations regarding medical services or medical providers and any communications between potential patients/customers and healthcare providers are between them specifically and only.Medical Packages
    We also provide specific medical packages which generally include all medical treatments and aftercare with flights and food being the only items excluded.  General details of some of our packages can be seen on the website but packages can also be made for individual cases. It may be necessary for saome surgery, that pre-operation tests may be required, such as MRI, blood and heart tests, dependent on the surgery required. These will be discussed with the selected surgeon prior to any commitment by either patient or surgeon. Additionally, it is possible, that a patient may have unexpected complications in relation to surgery. In general, medical services provided in addition to the package services are the responsibility of the patient.

    Payments for medical packages will be made to our UK company, Cyprus Private Health Direct Ltd. Where a patient has dealt directly with a healthcare provider directly, they are fully liable for any payment due directly.

  2. Liabilities
    All information offered in listings within this website are taken directly from healthcare providers own websites or provided by healthcare providers to MedicalTourism-Cyprus and therefore, MedicalTourism-Cyprus.com is not liable for the accuracy of information provided herein. Equally, while MedicalTourism-Cyprus.com staff have visited the premises of all listed healthcare providers in this site and consider the healthcare providers concerned to be correctly and appropriately qualified, the decision by patients to place themselves in the care of said healthcare providers is the responsibility of potential patients.It is also potential and actual patients responsibility regarding any payments due to healthcare providers whose services they may have accepted.MedicalTourism-Cyprus is not involved in any dispute between a patient and healthcare provider listed in this site and it is the responsibility of any patient potential or otherwise, to ensure they fully understand any services and costs being proposed to them by any healthcare provider listed in this site.

    MedicalTourism-Cyprus is also not responsible to any Healthcare Providers listed in this site regarding any fees due to them from patients they have accepted as a result of being contacted through this site.

These terms and conditions are subject to change and addition as necessary. 2016