The average price for private hip replacement in UK is £13,000, provided the surgery is relatively straightforward without complications, joint surgery whatever joint, (knee, elbow, hip etc) isn't very different regarding cost. The UK cost is for the operation only. Although aftercare is included, this refers specifically to the surgery. Nothing else is included.This means the actual price, by the time you add in physiotherapy and other necessities you end up paying is closer to £15,000 and it can be considerably more!

Our standard package cost is only £9000 total cost (so you would save an average of £6000) ! 
The price includes surgery, surgeon consultancy, one MRI, Daily physiotherapy sessions for one week and accommodation for two weeks. Also included is airport collection and drop-off.

One of the particular benefits of having surgery in Cyprus, is that it can be combined with a holiday and what better way to recover from surgery than in the sun, by the sea or the pool.


Accommodation may vary dependent upon availability. The majority of the time, it will be in a large comfortable villa or complex with a pool. You will have your own double-room with en-suite, aircon, TV etc.  You will be informed at the time of booking. We use this option as it provides home away from home comfort and provides a positive environment in terms of recovery and the physiotherapy is also undertaken in-house to save unnecessary journeys.

In general, we tend to not offer hotels, as the cost can be very expensive, but if you wish, we can offer you this option at extra cost which will also depend upon seasonal availability and price.




The Basic Package allows for up to 3 weeks stay as flying may not be possible until the surgeon has cleared he patient accordingly. The basic package covers more or less everything except for food and flights and includes the following:

  • Airport collection and drop-off
  • Surgery
  • Surgeon Consultations as required
  • Daily Physiotherapy for five days
  • MRI/X-rays as required
  • Blood tests as required

The Basic Package is effectively self-catering, however, breakfast is included. Patients may be accompanied by their spouse/partner or family member as the rooms are all double rooms, however, there is an additional charge of £100 per week.

We can also arrange additional services such as car hire. If you have any particular requirements, please feel free to discuss them with us. Also please read our terms and conditions.

Payment Options
There are basically three options  Cash  -  Finance  -  Insurance

This means you will pay the whole amount directly from your own resources.

There are some very useful finance facilities from reputable sources. i.e. If for example, you paid £2000 and financed the balance over 60 months:

Interest/APR = 3.3%  -  Monthly repayment = £135.31 (x 60)  -  Total payable = £8,136.60

This would depend on if the insurance company concerned would pay outside of the UK but still within the EU, many do but some may not and this would need to be confirmed prior to booking.