Sokratio Melathron care home, located in Zakaki, is a newly remodeled 3.000 square metre building set within beautiful green gardens. By providing 41 rooms, comfortable rooms, dining rooms and a physiotherapy department; it invites everyone to visit it.

All rooms in both nursing and rehabilitation centers (Zakaki and Episkopi area) are spacious with a balcony or with direct access to our fenced garden. They also have a special accessible shower, central TV antenna, telephone and pager, etc.
We are sure that you will feel as comfortable as if you were in your own home.

In our Limassol-based centres, we undertake care of elderly and disabled with serious conditions such as

• Bed-rest patients with mechanical support (tracheostomy, gastrostomy, urostomy and nasogastric feeding tubes).
Serious strokes comatose or semi-comatose patients.
Neurological disorders (e.g., dementia, Alzheimer's type dementia, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.).
Chronic respiratory problems (Chronic Respiratory Pulmonary Disease - COPD, respiratory infections).
Cardiovascular (e.g., open heart surgery), neurological (e.g., vertebrae) disorders; orthopedic (e.g., dynamic hip     screw-DHS, Thomson prosthesis hip) surgery with a view to their rapid and proper rehabilitation.
Diabetes patients.
Urological problems (e.g. prostate surgery, kidney or not urostomy).
• Intestinal surgery (e.g., colostomies, ileostomies).
Palliative care.

Our Philosophy
Always oriented to the specific needs of psychosomatic aging population and armed with knowledge, love and warmth, we provide personalized, supportive and invasive medical services, nursing and physiotherapy care at high quality hotel facilities. We can accommodate for short or long stay admissions for people with different levels of independence, people with chronic diseases, persons with disabilities, people in need of rehabilitation after stroke and people who have undergone various surgical procedures.

In Sokratio Melathron, protecting the health and quality of life of the patient is our primary concern. With particular respect to the personality and rights of the customer and commitment to human values, we offer health care in a responsible and scientific way.


Address: Serifou 19, Zakaki, Limassol 3046, Cyprus
Tel: +357 25712612, +357 99747202 Fax:  +357 25712613, +357 25028931
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