Located directly on the waterfront only a breath away from the sea that stretches out before you, Sanctum at Limassol Marina also provides the latest hair and beauty treatments in our salon for men and women.

Because every individual is different, Sanctum offers you a tailored experience: from the appropriate facial or massage at any given moment, to the fitness programme that easily fits into your daily routine; from results-oriented hair care to dietary recommendations; from make-up for every occasion to beautiful hands, feet and nails.


Sanctum is the home of wellness, aimed at counterbalancing the pace and pressures of contemporary urban living.

The spa menu includes a series of full and partial body massages that address widespread needs, from stress relief and improving circulation, to reducing muscle soreness and preventing sports injuries. A set of facial treatments will help you maintain healthier skin and a more youthful and radiant complexion.

Our trained therapist would be happy to discuss your needs and book the most appropriate massage or facial for you to enjoy in the treatment room designed to secure privacy and tranquility.

In welcoming and sophisticated facilities, our team of wellness professionals take a personalized approach to each individual, making it easy for you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Address: Limassol Marina, 3601 Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: T: 25 100 109  Web: info@sanctum.life  Web: www.sanctum.life