Dr. Lambros Socratous - Dental Surgeon

Dr. Lambros Socratous graduated in 2010 from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens with the title of DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery). After completing his degree he moved to Paphos, Cyprus and established his own Dental Clinic in 2012. Since 2010 he has attended several seminars and practical training in cosmetic dentistry, implant surgical placement and restorations both in Cyprus and abroad.

Dental Treatments at our Paphos clinic include: Veneers, Dental implants, Crowns, Gum disease treatment, Teeth whitening, Root canal treatments, Bruxism diagnosis and treatment, Extraction of semi-impacted and impacted teeth, Laser surgical treatments, Bonding aesthetic treatments, Complete and Partial dentures, Minimal invasive dentistry.


Address: 52 Hellados Ave,, 8020 Paphos, Cyprus
Tel: +357-26100571     Mob: +357-99340242
Email: Socratousdds@hotmail.co.        Webhttp://www.paphosdentalclinic.com