Our mission is to prevent, diagnose and treat heart diseases. We use the latest non-invasive techniques to precisely image, monitor and diagnose adult and child cardiopathies.

We provide expert diagnosis and treatment (or referral for intervetional / surgical treatment) for all heart diseases, including 

 - coronary artery disease (angina, heart attack, etc) 
 - chronic and accute arrhythmias

 - vulvular diseases (congenital, rheumatic, age-related) 
 - myocardiac and pericardiac diseases
 - hypertension
 - pediatric cardiology (investigation of murmurs)
 - pre-athletic evaluation (adults and children)
 - pre-operation cardiac evaluation for major surgeries (orthopedics, general surgery, etc)

Our services are based on 40 years of training and experience in internal medicine and cardiology in Greece, Cyprus, UK and USA. We have pioneered in specific fields of cardiology and echocardiography:

 - thrombolysis in acute myocardial infarction and pulmonary embolysm (since 1987)
 - transesophageal echo (since 1993, first in Cyprus)
 - stress echo (since 1996, first in Cyprus)

After 33 years of serving in public health (Paphos General Hospital since 1984), and founding director of the Cardiology Clinic since 2004, Dr. Petros Mavrommatis continues his service in Cardiac Care Center in Paphos.

Details about our Services and how to Contact us can be found on our WEBSITE.


Dr. Petros Mavrommatis, MD, FESC is a leading cardiologist specializing in noninvasive diagnostic techniques. His primary interest is echocardiography (transthoracic, transesophageal, intra-operative and dynamic stress echo). He has accumulated 40 years of training and experience, practicing cardiology for over 30 years and serving as the director of the Cardiology Clinic at Paphos General Hospital since its establishment in 2004 - 2016.