Panayiotis graduated from Semmelweis University in Hungary in 2003 with an MSc degree in Human Kinesiology specializing in Rehabilitation.

Since then Panayiotis' practice is based in Paphos and treating musculoskeletal conditions such as; sports injuries including strained muscles, ligaments and tendons, herniated discs, knee and hip pain, headache, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal-tunnel, sprained ankles and lower back issues such as sciatica. We can also treat scoliosis dependent upon the severity.

Treatment is hand on hand therapy using manual techniques. Therapy is not just to correct alignment and mobilize the joint, but to find and treat the cause of pain that is likely somewhere else in the body and to correct the bio-mechanics of the body.

This includes:

  • Postural body correction
  • Increase blood supply of the joint
  • Decrease joint swelling
  • Increase strength/power of the weak extremity passively without any extra effort from the patient
  • Balance both sides of the body and decrease any problems with mobility/walking

Treatment starts from the very first visit and pain can be expected to subside within ten days with visceral improvements also seen. It is very possible to achieve pain relief and biomechanical body function to the extent that you can feel younger and stronger. In this way, you can stay fit and undertake normal everyday life.

PANAYIOTIS MARKOU M.S. - Human Kinesiologist

Specializing in Rehabilitation, Manual Treatment/Sports Injuries/Chronic Pain
Address: 36, Vasileos Constantinou Ave., Flat 102, 8062 Paphos, Cyprus
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