Our center is a specialized Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, which consists of Physiotherapists George Epiphaniou and Dimitris Neophytou, graduates of the University (Sofia, Bulgaria) and registered members of the Pancyprian Physiotherapy Association.

Based on new scientific and technological data, we meet the needs for specialized and high-quality Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

The quality of our services provided, both in terms of high level of knowledge, education and experience, as well as new technological applications, is what gives us the maximum possible therapeutic result.

Our specialization on Athletic Injuries and the innovation of our treatment protocols has brought us to a credible center that many professional athletes trust for their safe and quick recovery.


Address: Spyrou Kayprianou 46, Maliotis Court Block B, Flat 301, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: +357 99158561, George Epiphanou  +357  99316385, Dimitris Neophytou
Web: www.gdphysio.com