Marios Couvas Physical Therapy Center in Limassol Cyprus, focuses on each and every one of its patients.  Through the theoretical, clinical and practical applications, our target is to rehabilitate patients who have a decreased functional mobility, into their everyday lives. In addition, our physical therapy practice, aims to promote and protect our patients health, by preventing, improving and rehabilitating some pathogenic conditions, or injuries.

A full program of physical therapy and rehabilitation is composed after a thorough physical examination takes place. This therapeutic physical therapy program takes place under strict safety guides and takes into consideration each patients individual situation.

We make use of the newest methods in the field of physiotherapy by applying physical means in order to rehabilitate, maintain and promote the physical and psychological state of patients whose daily routines have been obstructed by injuries, friction and or illnesses.

Established in the heart of Limassol, we aspire to becoming Cyprus's most worthy physical therapy center for rehabilitation.









Address: Agias Zonis 47, (300 meters North of Agias Zonis, Limassol 3027, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 25105700  Fax: +357 2564646  Mobile: +357 99945700