CT Coronary Angiography ( Coronography)
Open MRI Laboratory

Multislice CT Scan - GE Healthcare Type VCTXT 64 Slices

Clinical Applications

 - CT Coronary Angiography (non-invasive)
 - Angiography of all human blood vessels (brain,
   carotids, thoracic and abdominal aorta, renal
   arteries and peripheral arteries.
 - Assessment of lung functions and bronchoscopy
   (checking of the bronchus without endoscopic
 - Measurements of upper and lower jaw
 - CT Colonoscopy (checking of the large bowel
   without endoscopic instrument)
 - Representation of all organs in the human body

Main Advantages

 - Examination with radiation exposure only 1.5” (The fastest mechanical equipment relating to anything similar).
 - The high speed decreases the radiation by 70% ( The lowest radiation of any similar type of equipment).
 - The high speed also doesn’t affect patients with arrhythmia.
 - Artery plaque consistency study, myocardium study, and representations of cardiac values.
 - Non-intervention coronography for patients identified with high risk factors (such as hypocholestrolesteraemia, diabetes      mellus,   arterial hypertension, smokers and other hereditary histories) Mostly contribute to prevent the first cause of death in  humans; ischemic heart disease, therefore assisting in prolonging life.
 - Triple rule-out test: In a case of case pains and atypical chest symptoms, we have the ability to help doctors rule out the  three  most life threatening critical conditions: coronary artery disease, pulmonary embolism and dissective aorta aneurisma.
 -In known coronary patients who performed PTCA or bypass operations (checking of PTCA, stents, grafts) therefore  preventing  the need for interventional coronagraphy.
 - With the very high technology programs applied, the heart reconstruction is as clear reality and provides the highest levels of  accuracy for examination. Studies have shown that  the accuracy rate is 98% and higher than interventional coronagraphy.

Open MRI GE Healthcare:  Ovation 5 HD

Clinical applications:
 - Detailed imaging of central nervous system (Brain,  spinal cord)
 - Detailed imaging of bones and joints
 - Soft tissues imaging
 - Magnetic angiographies
 - Imaging of all body organs

Main advantages

 - Avoidance of claustrophobia.
 - This type of open MRI  is the only type which has integrated coils
 - The quality of imaging is the same as closed MRI


The Medical Diagnostic Centre can perform all maematological and biochemical blood tests




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