We are a Medical testing laboratory, specifically undertaking medical analysis. You don't need a Doctor to take many tests such as PSA, (Prostate Cancer Screening), Diabeties and many other conditions that can become serious if left unchecked. Below is a general list of the types of testing we do.

Our prices are extremely competitive. Please contact us to arrange for your medical tests and we are also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Biochemical tests for blood and urine
Hematological tests
Hormonal tests
Serological tests

Cancer markers
Coagulation tests
Allergy Tests

Levels of drugs
Semen analysis
Prenatal check up-General check up
Immunological tests


Address: 3, Demetri Liperti, Limassol 3090, Cyprus
Tel/Fax: +357 25 34 79 92
Email: yianna181@cytanet.com.cy