Dr. Katerina Pattichis MBBS BSc Msc PhD FIBMS

Aesthetic Medicine                    Gerontology                   Advanced Wound Care

ANANEOSIS Aesthetic Medicine & Medical Rejuvenation

We offer medical and non-surgical treatments in Cyprus to improve cosmetic appearance and enhance quality of life, psychological wellbeing and social function . We also provide advanced non-surgical treatment for stress urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity in our Limassol and UK centres

We employ effective mesotherapy, carboxytherapy and PRP therapy protocols for hair rejuvenation, face, neck and hand skin enhancement, reducing stretch marks and cellulite appearance, and body sculpting  .

We use radiofrequency and medical microneedling therapy for dermatoses and skin rejuvenation. Additionally, we offer medical mesotherapy for the treatment or management of stress, arthritis, muscle spasms, complex regional pain syndrome type 1 (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) and other suitable conditions

EPULOSIS Advanced Wound Care Centre

We offer advanced wound care including use of autologous conditioned plasma, platelet rich plasma and other technologies and methods for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds including:

- Diabetic and neuropathic foot ulcers
- Abscesses
- Vascular wounds - Slow or non-healing surgical wounds
- Arterial and venous leg ulcers
- Surgical wound


GEM Evaluation and Management of Older Adults


At our modern facilities we offer:

Assessment and treatment of functional ability, medical issues and multimorbidity, physical movement, social supports, mental health, medication and polypharmacy issues, memory loss and confusion, behavioural changes including depression and anxiety, nutritional issues, dizziness and falls, balance and walking problems, problems or difficulties with activities of daily living, continence issues 

Generation of holistic treatment plans for treatment, management, support and long-term follow-up of older adults.
Advice and assistance to older adults and their carers to manage age-related health challenges.
Advice and assistance to older adults to achieve optimal well-being. Patient-specific education and information on health issues
Joint and soft tissue injections for the treatment or management of tendinopathy, bursitis, arthropathy (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis), crystal arthritis (gout, pseudogout), neuritis


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