You deserve a lot of living to do
You have worked very hard in your life. You have offered a lot to your family. You do not plan to slow down any time soon but a bit of assistance would not hurt. Is it time to learn something new? It would be nice to have friends ready to play cards, or take a walk or a bike ride? Maybe you need to try on a new hobby or plan an adventure? If all these and more many sound good then we should meet.
Who we are
We, at Eden Resort Wellness and Rehabilitation, honor the sacredness of each one of our residents and the holiness of our work through high standards of services, state of the art facilities and equipment and luxury establishment. We are providing exceptional experiences whether you are looking for a short-term or a long-term stay, wellness pampering, rehabilitation, nursing care, independent or assisted living or a new life plan, state of the art facilities ,equipment and luxury establishment.
Our Mission
Our mission is to encourage people to live a joyful, purposeful and creative life by providing a healthy, trouble-free, enriching and inspiring environment in secure development, autonomy and self-confidence, socializing and revitalization. We are always aiming to transform the way that seniors living is delivered in an anthropocentric setting. We are creating a far superior product than what has been previously and currently others are offering. We believe that care should be delivered in a spirit of hospitality, love and well-being. Our model is to bring the fusion of world-class seniors living and personalized hospitality in a resort-style environment.