The Maria Gavrilina Clinic is a reputable and sector-leading clinic based in the centre of Nicosia, Cyprus.

We maintain the highest level of consultancy and offer the most current and advanced knowledge in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Anti-Aging.

We provide comfortable, compassionate care which addresses a highly advanced medical and technical expertise. Our patient-focused, multi-lingual (Russian, English, Greek) health care team collaborates with experts in:

  • gynecology
  • family medicine
  • child care
  • breast health
  • anti-aging and preventive medicine counseling
  • plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine
  • complementary and alternative medicine

Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
This form of medicine focuses on detecting, dealing with, and preventing conditions that come with aging. Optimizing the human aging process and even extending the lifespan make up the goals of anti-aging medicine.

One part of anti-aging is aesthetics, but another part is longevity and living a good quality life through optimizing the body’s function in metabolism and regeneration. Regenerative medicine is the approach to medicine that looks to restore or regenerate human cells to normal function. It uses stem cell therapies, immunomodulation therapy and covers a large range of uses in practice. It has the potential to heal tissues and organs that have been marked by age and disease.

Regenerative medicine protocols have the made the biggest achievements in reproductive medicine.

With travel being difficult now with CoVid-19 and also purely as a matter of convenience for our clients, we offer online consultations. Contact us on the details below for more information.


Address: Nicosia:8 Michail Karaoli & Byron Ave. Corner., Office 105, 1095 Nicosia, Cyprus
Limassol: Griva Digeni 105, office 101, Limassol, Ajax hotel area

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