We are a dental clinic for people who want to have an understanding of their health. We refer to people who choose to visit us as patients or as clients. Our energies are directed toward wellness. Clients in our practice feel empowered to participate in making choices for themselves. They understand their current dental conditions and they have clarified what level of dental wellness they wish to obtain.

Dr George Kanaris studied in the dental school in Greece and in Germany. He attends national and international dental seminars and workshops as a participant to update himself about the latest treatments and information. In his conviction to advancement through technology, optimal use of computers and multimedia for patient education are routinely used.


A regular dental check-up is required to maintain good health because decay can eat away from the tooth’s surface to the nerve in the heart of the tooth in just a year. It is advisable that kids and adults see the dentist every 6 months.


In as little as two visits, almost anyone can have a perfect smile make-over with veneers. Whether veneers are needed for crooked, malformed or mis-aligned teeth, the smile created will be completely natural and beautiful! Using the best quality materials with up-to-date dental technology, porcelain veneers will transform an unsightly smile.


Night-guards and occlusal guards are good for those people who wake up in the morning with a dull headache or jaw pain. This can be caused by the habit of unconsciously grinding teeth while you’re sleeping. One option many patients consider to keep their teeth safe from being damaged during grinding, is to wear a night-guard or occlusal guard.


Whitening or bleaching your teeth can dramatically improve your smile in a very short time. For teeth that are grey, yellow or dull, we offer an advanced whitening system which will give a brighter, whiter smile instantly.


Porcelain crowns are frequently chosen to repair a tooth with excessive decay, teeth that need structural support after a root canal or teeth that are broken or cracked. Sometimes they are used to simply resolve the appearance of a tooth


Dental implants are titanium posts, which act as artificial tooth roots, placed into the jaw bone to anchor replacement teeth, a bridge or a denture. Titanium is the best metal to use as it is well tolerated by the body.


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