Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. Dimitris Kyparissopoulos is currently one of the few thoracic surgeons in the world who can perform the entire range of surgical specialty of both conventional thoracotomies and minimally invasive techniques, including thoracoscopy and more as well as ROBOTIC interventions.

Dr. Kyparissopoulos is highly experienced and qualified for example he held the position as Emeritus Thoracic Surgeon at Oxford University Hospital (OUH) and the famous Harefield Hospital of London (Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust) result of a long important and demanding collaborations with well-known scientists such as Panagiotis Spyros and Magdi Yacoob and hospitals within and outside Greece such as the University Hospital of Larissa, Harefield Hospital and St. George Hospital. Thomas's of London or the Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the University Hospital of Ensente in the Netherlands.

As a Chest, Heart and Grand Vascular Surgeon he has been dealing exclusively with thoracic ailments in recent years, and has performed thousands of surgical interventions that relate to his specialty.

He often accepts invitations to attend and present speeches at international congresses of Thoracic Surgery, while he also teaches medical students at the University of Nicosia following his experience with Oxford University medical students and hospital specialists who worked. 


Address:  Thessalonikis 26 ,3025, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: Cypriot (office-appointment): +357 25251737 & +357 99259688    
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   UK Mobile:  +44 7544 7551 918651
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