Dr Christos Papadimitriou, fluent in both Greek and English,  is a Dermatologist-Venereologist, whose private clinic is located in Limassol. He was born in Kozani, a town in West Macedonia, Greece, 1981. Dr Papadimitriou studied medicine at the Medical School of Ioannina, graduating in 2007. Since then, he gained further experience in reputable hospitals in three different countries.

In 2007 - 2008 he trained at the Internal Medicine Department at the Military Hospital of Aleksandoupolis, Greece and the Internal Medicine Department at the General Hospital of Grevena 2008 - 2010, Greece.

DR Papadimitriou moved to the UK as a medical Senior House Officer (SHO) in various posts such as Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Neurology and Stroke unit, Care of the Elderly, in 6 different Hospitals all over UK (Bridlington, Belfast, Leeds, Great Yarmouth, Antrim, Enniskillen)

Dr Papadimitriou specialised in Dermatology and Venereology at the Papageorgiou Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece from 2013 to 2016.

He was honoured and offered a position as a Scientific Associate of Aristotle University Thessaloniki and Papageorgiou Hospital as soon as he finished his specialty training, which is a post he still holds.

In 2017,  Dr Papadimitriou started his private clinic in Limassol.

Dr Papadimitriou has been a Speaker in many scientific conventions in Greece and Cyprus, and also a Speaker each year from 2014 at the National Greek Dermatology Congress.


Address: Αγίαs Ζonis and Αrchimidou 1, 3031 Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: +357 25 260 060   Email: info@cpderma.com