We are well-established and already reputable dental clinic in Paphos District.

We aim to serve the whole spectrum of your oral needs with a team of experienced and skillful personnel. We can provide the right solution for every individual’s dental problem and help you to regain a beautiful and confident smile.

Utilizing state-of-art technology and digital workflows, we offer a variety of services that includes all different specialties of dentistry. We use the latest technologies to treat each patient in a unique manner and we believe that trust and friendship are major components in treating our patients.

At Danaf Dental Clinic we offer an assortment of dental procedures under the umbrella of General Dentistry. Those include, those principal procedures needed to remove inflammation and bacteria as well as to restore oral health in general. The first step towards a beautiful and esthetically pleasant smile, is always to establish oral health, biology and functionality to its normal. All the following dental procedures aim to facilitate this significant goal.

General Examination, Xrays, Gingivitis Treatment, Periodontitis Treatment, Caries control and fillings, Root Canal Treatments, Extractions(simple and surgical), Crowns, Bridges, Post and Cores, Complete and Partial Dentures, Inlays, Onlays and Overlays as well Custom night guards.

Implant Dentistry refers to a subspecialty of Dentistry that has to do with implants. Implants are titanium screws that are placed inside the jaw in order to support overlying restorations such as crowns, bridges or overdentures. Implant Dentistry has been a relatively new field in dentistry that turns out to be very promising especially for those patients who have lost some or all of their teeth and cannot accept some removable solution such us dentures or partial dentures.

The results and the success of this type of treatment are usually long-term. The implants are placed inside the bone through a surgery carried out under local anesthesia. It is a painless procedure and it is possible that the patient can leave the office with a temporary restoration fixated on the top of the implants at the same day of the surgery! That is called immediate loading and it increases patients’ satisfaction to the highest degree.

Pain might be the main reason why patients seek emergency dental care. Our staff is available 24 hours for you to examine and resolve the pain that might causing you discomfort. Usual cause of a dental pain might be a cavitated tooth that needs urgent root canal treatment or extraction.

Another type of emergency might be broken teeth or teeth that have been exposed to any type of trauma and need to be treated immediately. Our team is always on call for such types of urgent treatments.

One of our main goals is to help our patients regain their confidence with their smile. An esthetically pleasing smile plays a role in any patient’s well-being. Our personnel are well trained in all those principles that can provide the “Hollywood smile” that everyone is seeking for.

White fillings, ceramic or composite veneers, crowns and bridges, crown lengthening surgeries and teeth whitening are some of the methods we use to improve your smile. Digital dentistry also helps us design the patient’s smile and showcase the final result before even touch the teeth. Thus, every patient can visualize the result before the start of any treatment.


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