I am Clementine Ynna and I am a Neuro Reflex Rehabilitation specialist.

I help mothers with Muscular Dystrophy children who lost muscle strength and vitality to see their  children to increase strength, grow muscles and live a healthier and autonomous life!

I help mothers who have tried many different things and have been disappointed in traditional medical care and are tired of waiting for a cure! What distinguishes my services from other doctors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, is that I am myself a mother with MD child who I successfully rehabilitated. I have personal experience in my own life.

What else separates me from is that I have more than 17 years of experience in helping people with severe conditions. I have specialized for MD and I have used different techniques for that condition. Thanks to that, mothers can see their children moving again, growing their muscles, have more energy and live a happy healthy life.

We offer a number of treatment packages, please visit our website for more information.






Email: contact@clementineynna.org