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Posted by Medical Treatment/Tourism in Cyprus on Friday, February 28, 2020

There is a great deal of conflicting and often confusing information regarding diabetes and related issues but it is a fact that 1 in 10 of today’s population in UK is either diabetic or pre-diabetic. In Cyprus, the figures are worse. Although not always, many diabetics have high blood pressure and while not necessarily obese, are often overweight. This is why we have created this multi-discipline workshop to help find what works best...for YOU!

Diabetes affects our bodies in many ways including serious problems with feet, eyes, teeth, our bones and mental health. Diabetes can cause other symptoms including fatigue and sleeplessness. It can also affect so many aspects of our lives at home, work and socially and because diabetes symptoms generally build-up over time, many things go unnoticed until it becomes much more serious.

There are now confirmed links between diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, which can lead to stroke, pancreatic and liver cancer. Both Type 1 and 2 diabetes are one of the biggest health concerns in globally.


This workshop will present effective viable strategies to control and potentially reverse diabetes in some cases. Effective diabetes control and management strategies for Type 1 and 2 diabetes will be detailed from four viewpoints:

 Diet and Nutrition

The CEO of Elpida Healthcare, a new online clinic especially created to help combat diabetes with connections to the Imperial College Hospital in London will also be speaking at the workshop.

This workshop provides a multi-strategy and complete approach for effective general diabetes control and management. We fully expect this workshop will improve many peoples quality of life and in some cases, possibly even save lives. 


Mr. Yosef Yektra: CEO Elpida Healthcare. Elpida Healthcare is a new online Diabetes clinic with links to the Imperial College Hospital London.
Dr. Yiannos Yiannou MD, FACS, FASMBS, Clinical Associate Professor St. George’s University of London, University of Nicosia Medical School. Dr. Ioannou is a specialist diabetologist.
Dr. Petros Aristodemou: FRCOphth Consultant Eye Surgeon with a specialty in diabetic eye conditions.
Podiatrist Ioannis Louvarides: with a Masters Degree in Podiatry with Diabetes, Ioannis worked at a Diabetes Centre in Singapore treating high risk diabetic foot conditions in a multidisciplinary team He is a member of the British Societies of Podiatry, and registered to the British Health Professional Council. Also, he is a member of the Cypriot Diabetic Society as well as the Cypriot Anti-rheumatic society, and currently he is the secretary of the Cypriot Society of Podiatrists.
Tina Christoudias-Spyrou: Tina is a qualified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Harvard-trained registered nutritionist/dietitian. She specialises in Thyroid and Autoimmune disease protocols (including diabetes).
Gaurav Vohra: Guarav is a teacher of Indian Culture at the High Commission of India in Nicosia and specialises in Yoga for diabetics. Gaurav will be demonstrating at the workshop as this is especially beneficial for diabetics as it improves circulation and lowers stress.

M.D. Diabetologist
Dr. Yiannos Ioannou

Ophthalmic Surgeon
Dr. Petros Aristodemos

Yiannis Louvarides

Tina Christoudias-Spyrou

Yoga Guru
Gaurav Vohra


This seminar/workshop is FREE. We have only 80 seats available at this event, so early registration is advised. The seminar will be approximately 3 to 4 hours in length overall. The event is in English but the speakers can answer questions in Greek and English.

Elena Apostolou - Medical laboratory
All diabetes lab tests available

This workshop offers the potential over time to:

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