Physical Therapy

Pediatric physiotherapy deals with
the evaluation and  rehabilitation of  
disorders that occur in neonatal
children as adolescents.  MORE..

Occupational Therapy

The  pediatric occupational therapy  
is a specialty engaged in the health
sector and more specifically
on prevention   MORE..

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is the science
that has as a subject the study,
research and application of scientific
knowledge about human MORE...

Music Therapy

Music therapy is the scientific field
that deals with the therapeutic use
of music and musical elements,
(sound, rhythm, melody, harmony  MORE...

Special Education

Special education is the practice
of educating students in a way
that addresses their individual
differences and needs.   MORE...

Psychological Support

Psychological support is provided to
children and adolescents by specialized
psychologists to address the psychological
difficulties and problems   MORE...


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