We specialise exclusively in rectifying hair and scalp disorders through tried and tested scientific methods. The extensive experience of our doctors enables us to apply the most advanced techniques of modern medicine to ensure better results and minimal downtime. The Medical Team of medartclinic consists of highly-skilled and worldwide recognised in the field of hair restoration, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons that have performed up to now thousands of hair transplant procedures in Paris, London, Geneva, Berlin, Athens, Liverpool, Manchester, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Limassol, Brussels, Belgrade and Tel Aviv.

At Medartclinic, we respect our patients and take into account the individual needs and preferences of each and every patient. The information, diagnosis and solutions provided are decisive factors for the proper and efficient functioning of our Clinic, while each treatment plan is custom-made and exclusively designed by our medical experts. The well-trained and dedicated Team of medartclinic aims to succeed permanent and natural-looking results, painlessly, without scars or marks in just one session.