Home Med Care is a fully insured, highly specific and integrated network of specialist physicians, nurses and other health professionals for the provision of high quality health care at home.  Our operating model (service) is based on international operating standards adapted to local (Cyprus) demands for optimal efficiency and effectiveness with a view of collaboration with leading international brands.

We provide medical, nursing, support (physical therapy, psychological/social support) and personal care services in the comfort of one’s own home.  Our experienced medical and nursing staff will evaluate the patient in his/her home and in consultation with the attending specialist physician customize and execute the most appropriate comprehensive treatment plan to meet one’s needs.  Furthermore, we keep the attending specialist physician in the loop throughout the course of treatment by constantly updating him/her on the patient’s condition and progress

• Comprehensive (holistic) care
• Clinical evaluation
• Ensuring proper administration of medicines
• Administration of intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous drugs and fluids
• Oxygen therapy via nasal catheter or mask
• Use of non-invasive ventilation
• Administration of inhalable drugs via nebulizer
• Suction of tracheobronchial discharges
• Insertion/removal of catheters
• Catheterization of urinary bladder
• Stoma care and patient/caregiver education (tracheostomies; gastrostomies; jejunostomies; colostomies; ureterostomies)

• Enemas (cathartic, therapeutic)
• Wound care (including burns; removal of surgical stitches)
• Decubitus ulcer care (care for and prevention of pressure ulcers for bedridden patients)
• Blood sampling / blood and urine testing *
• ECG / Triplex
• Spirometry
• Ultrasonography
• Physical therapy
• Speech therapy
• Psychological / Social support
• Patient-Family-Caregiver training
• Patient transportation (ambulance or wheelchair accessible vehicle)

• Care for long-term patients
• Palliative care for terminal patients

• Pain management
• Nutritional support and education
• Catering/Feeding (including parenteral feeding)
• Other personal care services (i.e. bathing, grooming, manicure/pedicure for bedridden patients)

* Delivery to patient and/or attending physician within 24 hours


Address: 20 Nafpliou Str., Nafplion Center, Suite 302, 3025 Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: +357 25 35 65 65   Fax: +357 25 35 65 85
Web: http://homemedcare.eu