Dr. Costas Shamtanis is an Austrian national, and completed his medical studies in West Germany in 1984, from the University of Aachen. He later specialised in Neurosurgery in Germany and Vienna, Austria, at the prestigious University Hospital of Vienna, (oldest in Europe), where he was granted the title Consultant (Facharzt) in 1992. Dr. Shamtanis is a recognised member of the European Neurosurgical Society for Neurosurgery as Consultant since 1992.

He is licensed to practise Neurosurgery all over Europe. Dr. Shamtanis specialises in general neurosurgery including brain, spine and Paediatric neurosurgery. He has worked for several years in Germany, Cyprus and Austria, and was Head of Neurosurgery for 3 years in a military hospital in Saudi Arabia Dr. Shamtanis has a vast experience of 30 years in neurosurgery and he takes special interest in traumatic neurosurgery. To keep himself updated with the latest in neurosurgery he participates in various national and international conferences. Dr. Shamtanis has been a part of NMC Healthcare for over 2 years, after working for 5 years in Zayed Military Hospital, Abu Dhabi. He speaks fluent English, German and Greek.

Web and contact: http://goldenheart.com.cy